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Project Description

Dashboard-AzureVM (codename DAVM) is the best and simple application to manage Virtual Machine created on Windows Azure and based on PowerShell cmdlet

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The main objective of Dashboard-AzureVM is to simplify the life of System Administrator and have the ability to perform standard tasks to the Virtual Machines on the cloud.

It's developed by Gianluca Bertelli and Daniele Maso.

Dashboard-AzureVM allows to monitor and perform administrative tasks on the Virtual Machines created on your Azure Subscription.
The ability to apply the desired actions to all VMs, like start and stop, it becomes more crucial in a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.
It's the typical scenario for test environment where you need to pause all VMs or start a bunch of them for a new demo.

Project Features

  • List of all Virtual Machines created on Azure Subscription ID
  • Ability to manage a single instance or all VMs simultaneously
  • Virtual Machine full details and status with Start / Stop control
  • Direct link to Remote Desktop Connection per single VM
  • "Start all" and "Stop all" buttons to change all Virtual Machines status at the same time
  • Based on official Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlet to interact with cloud service
  • Status bar and Log file to simplify troubleshooting
  • Self-generated Windows Azure Management Certificate
  • Download of Windows Azure Subscription information from Windows Azure Portal


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